94 DURATUB® Laundry Cabinet — Premier

Model 94
Model 94 shown with optional faucet.

Model 94 includes  HANDIFLO™ Discharge System to conceal water discharge hose from washing machine.

Model 94 includes
HANDIFLO® Discharge System
to conceal water discharge hose from washing machine.

If you’re interested in creating a more “finished” look for your laundry or utility room, then consider Mustee’s unique DURATUB® Laundry Cabinet. DURATUB® combines a high quality laundry tub inside an appliance-like cabinet…and its deep, baked-on finish will perfectly compliment even the most exclusive brands of washers or dryers.

Mustee quality, features and performance have always set our laundry and utility room products apart from the rest…no wonder why Mustee is the brand that is “Preferred by the Pros”
…and millions of homeowners alike.

Design Features:

Available accessories for this product follow the architectural specifications below.


Colors & Models:




H x W x D


94 Floor 35-1/2" x 19-1/4" x 28" 6 71031 00285 3
MODEL 94 Line Drawing

General: Furnish and install as shown on plans, DURATUB® Laundry Cabinet model 94, as manufactured by E.L. Mustee & Sons, Inc. Cabinet length to be 28" with 19-1/4" width and 35-1/2" height with built-in levelers. Cabinet shall be electro-galvanized steel with baked-on enamel finish. Laundry tub shall be one-piece molded Co-Polypure™ resin with matched metal molds under extreme heat and pressure. Tub shall include an integrally molded drain assembly for connection to standard 1-1/2" P or S-trap. Drain stopper and top cover included. 19 gallon capacity tub, 13” deep. Color: White. Weight: 58 lbs.


Mustee offers a range of accessories to meet the specific needs of your DURATUB® laundry/utility tub installation.

Model No. UPC

93.600 6 71031 00232 7
Chrome finish, 4” center set with 6” swing spout with aerator and hose end.
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Model No. UPC

20.600 6 71031 00031 6
Use with overhead water supply lines…premium molded faucet block mounts to laundry tub to secure piping.
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