CareGiver® Fold-Down Shower Seats

When the convenience and comfort of a strong, sturdy shower seat is needed, you can count on Mustee to deliver the best.

Our CareGiver® line of wall-mounted and leg supported fold-down seats are available in two popular L-Shaped and Rectangular styles.

These premium quality seats offer the best in ample, comfortable shower seating along with exceptional design features and long life.

Code Accepted

CareGiver Fold Down wall-mount and leg supported shower seatsCareGiver Fold Down wall-mount and leg supported shower seats meet or exceed performance requirements:

390.405 LH – 26” Long
390.406 LH – 32” Long

Model   390.405 LH    390.406 LHL-Shaped
Wall-Mount Seat
Leg Supported
Left Hand

390.407 RH – 26” Long
390.408 RH – 32” Long

Model   390.407 RH    390.408 RHL-Shaped
Wall Mount Seat
Leg Supported
Right Hand

390.411 – 26” Long
390.412 – 32” Long

Model   390.411    390.412Rectangular
Leg-Supported Seat